A touchscreen sensor for your notebook!

Make Your Screen Come Alive

Now available for Windows 10® notebooks.

Touch for all!

For Windows 10 notebooks

for Windows 10 notebooks

  • 13.3
  • 14
  • 15.6

AirBar® sensors for different screens

What’s your size?

Available from 13.3 to 15.6 inches

AirBar is available in three sizes currently. It's really important to select the right AirBar sensor for your screen size.

What's your screen size?

You probably know it already but if you want to make sure just measure the length of the diagonal from bottom left to top right or top left to bottom right. Works both ways!

Position for precision

Every AirBar sensor has two vertical lines that should line up with the left and right edges of the screen. There are magnetic stickers affixed to the AirBar sensor out of the box. Follow the instructions included to get your sensor correctly mounted. And don't worry, it's really easy.

  • Screen edges
  • Alignment markers
  • Magnetic stickers
  • Interaction surface

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